MILK CREAM: Royal Treatment for your Skin

You may or may not like eating milk cream (malai) but you will certainly love the effect it has on your skin when you use it.

As per Ayurveda Milk cream acts as rasayana (rejuvenating agent) and strengthens the skin. It is a good lubricant and makes the skin glow naturally.

Milk Cream has several properties in itself to help nourish and pamper your skin, leaving you feeling gorgeous and confident. It moisturizes and helps improve the texture of your skin, making it soft, smooth and supple.

  • Milk is a Deep cleansing agent that helps get rid of deep seated impurities of the skin and gives an instant sheen to your face making it look more radiant
  • Usage of milk cream helps to shrink pores
  • If you are prone to skin irritation & allergic skin reactions, milk cream helps to reduce the same
  • Milk cream is a boon to your dry and parched skinas it nourishes and softens the skin
  • Treating dry and coarse skin with milk cream prevents premature aging
  • Milk cream givesdull and lackluster skin the much needed moisturization

Add Milk cream into your daily beauty regimen and get set to flaunt a vibrant, soft and glowing skin everyday.