Skin Basics


Everything you need to know about natural skin care

It is critical to determine & meet your skin’s essential needs with a comprehensive skin care regimen that maintains skin’s healthy function and beautiful appearance. Even though there are several ways to determine your skin’s essential needs, the key to optimal skin health and beauty is to meet your skin’s elementary needs with a broad skin care method. One can maintain beautiful skin and slow the rate at which it ages with a regimen that both adds and protects the structure and function of the skin.

Elementary and Secondary Skin Care Needs

Your skin has some elementary & secondary essential needs that have to be followed for optimal skin health & beauty. These daily needs or regimen steps are the bare minimum steps required by all skin types. Need for this starts right from your late 20s, whereas secondary needs steadily increase. Altogether, elementary & secondary needs form the essential needs of the skin.

Elementary Skin Care needs:The foundation of daily skin care is the four regimen steps cleanse, tone, protect, and moisturize (CTPM)


Cleansing is the most basic of the basic skincare routine.
The biggest mistake most of us make in this step is that we either under-cleanse or over-cleanse. The skin's crucial need is to be free of excess oil, dirt, and pollutants. If these impurities are not removed, you may experience dull, ashen skin; clogged, inflamed pores that can discolour and scar; or free radical oxidation takes place that can damage skin cells & affect healthy cell renewal and initiate hyperpigmentation. To avoid these negative effects, cleansing should be performed minimum twice daily.

• Always use good soap-free cleanser for your skin.
• Avoid very cold or very hot water to wash your face.


Skin need to be prepped up after cleansing so as to receive the benefits from other products. Toning step thus in several ways helps to aid this process and should be performed twice daily, after cleansing. Toning regimen calms and soothes the skin; helps to close the pores on your skin, to avoid attracting dirt and gives skin a tighter, firmer look.

• There are experts who believe that use of artificial toners should be strictly optional.
• Try using natural toner like milk for a few days and decide for yourself if you want to add it to your skincare routine or not.


Another most critical step to meet the skin's elementary need is to protect the skin against harmful UV rays and environmental stressors. Sun UVA & UVB rays damages°rades skin’s moisture barrier and structural proteins and promotes discoloration. All of these are signs of premature skin aging.

• Use a broad spectrum SPF Cream (Sun Protecting Factor) 15+ onwards that will help block UVA & UVB rays


Moisturizing your skin is an absolutely essential step of your skincare regimen. It provides vital lipids, replenishing moisture, and key repair components for optimal skin recovery Depending on your skin type – dry, normal or oily – use a moisturiser that works best & suits you. People with very dry skin should go in for a moisturiser that is rich in cream and other people with oily skin could use a water-based moisturizer.

• For day needs, use a moisturiser with an SPF or Sun Protection Factor is used, that can be doubled up as a sunscreen as well.

Secondary Skin Care Needs

The Secondary skin care routine includes targeted treatments that add up to your Essential Routine to treat your personal skincare concerns. For example when one has a specific skin concerns such as acne, oxygen free radical damage, or aging exists, addressing these concerns is critical for skin health and beauty. To target the skins secondary needs incorporating these regimen steps gives the skin the much needed advantage of advanced skin care.


To protect skin health and maintain youthfulness for a long time, it is essential to focus on the nourish step. One can nourish the skin with powerful antioxidants to neutralize oxygen free radicals that damage and prematurely age the skin.


The treat step is another part of an essential secondary skin care need.When the key components, functions, or structures within the skin are compromised, leading to signs acne, premature aging etc. Here the treatment products are specially formulated targeting those key skin components.


Exfoliation regimen becomes very important when environmental stressors and intrinsic aging begin to interfere with healthy cell renewal. This regimen helps to remove dead cell buildup for smoother, youthful looking skin and can stimulate the cell renewal process.


Application of face gel/mask step is essential when the skin requires a concentrated application of key ingredients for an extended period of time. Thus Masks are an excellent way to meet this skin's needs. There are some gels/ masks available that deliver the key ingredients directly to the skin, while others available draw out impurities.


Revitalization is essential for tired, stressed skin to restore vibrancy and promote cellular energy. Ideally this need should be met once per week after cleansing.

Regimen Guidelines

After understanding the essential, elementary needs and the secondary needs of your skin, you can now easily create a regimen that meets your needs in a pure & natural way. This can be done by incorporating specific regimen steps and specially formulated products into your daily routine.
It’s important to remember that the best skin care products are designed to work synergistically to meet the essential needs of the skin. As they do this, they maintain and enhance the health and natural beauty of the skin.